Right-Quote-grey"On behalf of me and my partners, I would like to express my gratitude to you on the masterful job you did in helping us to execute the sale of our manufacturing business.  I had no idea that selling a business could be as complex an ordeal as I found it to be.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we could not have sold our business without your input and guidance. You screened the interested buyers and handled the confidentiality of the sale with the utmost professionalism. You were "the reasonable man" between us, the sellers, and the eventual buyers. Your experience and CPA background were invaluable in helping me to understand the intricacies involved in the final sale agreement. My partners and I could not have been more satisfied with the outcome."  

Jody Carr, President, Amco Mfg.



Left-Quote“On behalf of the entire SAI team, I want to express our appreciation for your facilitating activities.  We would never have gotten the deal closed without your effort and results.  I have had the pleasure to see you operate under very different circumstances.  You draw on your years of experience in the M&A field as well as your CPA background to find solutions to impossible problems.  This ability to pick up the pieces, move parties back together and maintain calm in turbulent times are keys to your success.”

John F. Sorey, President, Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc.




Right-Quote-grey“When I think back on the obstacles we overcame in closing this deal, I sometimes shake my head in amazement.  I remember thinking that once we finally got an agreement from the seller we were basically “there”.  There is no question in my mind that without your creativity and perseverance, I would not have my company and be in this exciting situation right now.”

David Landreth, President, Jones Exhaust Systems, Inc.




"We needed to divest a subsidiary in a relatively unattractive business segment.  Mack quickly developed a realistic short list of potential buyers and skillfully directed a fair and effective bidding process.  The transaction was completed in a more timely fashion and at a higher price than we would have ever imagined.”

John A. Christiansen, Former CFO, Parts Industries Corporation 




Right-Quote-grey“We appreciate the role you played in the initial meetings in helping to establish a positive rapport between ourselves and the seller.  During the several months of negotiations, as is normal in many transactions, there were several times when we seemed to have hit a stumbling block on which we could not reach agreement.  The ideas you gave and the suggestions for alternatives which proved acceptable to both parties were most helpful in our completing the sale.”

G. Doug Lindgren, Chairman, Oakland Furniture Mfg., Inc. 




Left-Quote“Because of your experience and a complete understanding of how business operates, the sale of my company was as smooth as one could ask for.  You addressed even the smallest of details to the satisfaction of both parties.”

Larry L. Myrick, President, Universal Adhesives, Inc.